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As a member of Living With Intention, you'll gain access to the benefits below. 

Source guided material charged with Holy Fire energy ensures you will receive what is needed in real time, whether you are listening to a recording, participating in an on-line or in-person event the energies are just as effective because you are open to receive.

Live  monthly session(s) at no extra charge; Reiki, meditation, breathwork, and/or micro-current.

Unlimited access to exclusive  content and videos for members only.

10% Discounts for future events and packages (exclusions for purchasing micro-current device-Healy) Cannot combine with other discounts (i.e.. Early Bird pricing).

Membership Access

  • Basic Access

    Every month
  • Deluxe Access

    Every month

My Commitment to YOU

As a wellness advocate, I am dedicated to your wellbeing, by energetically being able to meet you where you are at in your present state. This creates a sacred space to witness you without judgment and ensure your safety, this is where healing begins. I'll walk with you on your path of healing, holding compassion for you while offering gentle guidance you the opportunity to learn more about yourself, putting you in the driver’s seat of the direction you want to go.

I offer a variety of resources and techniques to apply to your everyday life, that are simple yet powerful, and with your Attention on your Intention to utilize these modalities will assist to support you on your journey.

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