Welcome to Living With Intention!

I'm April Wyett, and I am honored you have shown interest in learning more about me and the gifts I have to offer. I am an intuitive energy healer and work with supportive energies to assist others on their healing journey. 

Life is full of Challenges

or what I like to call opportunities, and your intentions set the tone for your life’s story, and my story is a wonderful example: Growing up in the Pacific Northwest I spent a lot of time in the forests exploring the wildlife, plants and energies. I knew there was another level to life, a deeper connection to all living things. After my freshman year in college, I married a Navy man and we had the opportunity to live in Japan, which is where I feel I became enlightened and made aware of my gifts. In the 10 years we lived there I visited the temples and shrines, and I experienced an unexplained awareness. I will never forget the energies I connected with at the Buddha in Kamakura, as well as climbing Mt. Fuji in the early morning hours to view the morning sunrise. These were true blessings and once-in-a-lifetime experiences, and I am honored to have lived in Japan.


When We Returned to the U.S.

I received guidance from a spiritual counselor who recommended Reiki, which changed my life. During my first session I seamlessly connected with the energies, they felt natural as if it was already a part of me. A few months later I was attuned to Reiki Level II/Practitioner certified by the International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT) and started offering Reiki to friends and family. Reiki was just the beginning of my spiritual journey which has led me to become a sound healing and BioDynamic Breathwork practitioner. I am a life-long-learner and still continuing to expand and learn more about myself as I explore with others by holding classes and supporting others through my podcast.