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Wellness Programs Unique to Meet Your Communities Needs 

~ Working from the Inside Out~

After the global shift a decline in employee morale has risen due to burnout and stress greatly impact employee well-being and productivity. 

A recent Gallup article, “Why Wellbeing is Important”, discusses how stress influences  both the company’s  revenue and the cost of the employee’s wellbeing and mental health. 

“What is the cost of poor wellbeing? The impact of wellbeing extends far beyond how people feel -- it affects the number of sick days employees take, their job performance, burnout and likelihood of leaving your organization. Here are just some of the costs of poor wellbeing”: 

  • 70% of medical costs accrued mostly due to preventable conditions

  • $20 Million of additional lost opportunity for every 10,000 workers due to struggling or suffering employees

  • $322 Billion of turnover and lost productivity cost globally due to employee burnout

  • 15% to 20% of total payroll in voluntary turnover costs, on average, due to burnout


The bottom line is we all suffer when there is dysfunction within our communities.


Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way.


​As a wellness advocate, I am committed to being of service by expanding wellness within your community to promote wellbeing. 


My intention is to offer a well-rounded holistic program which makes it easy for companies to provide their community with wellness and resources, creating a sanctuary for all employees, from entry-level up to the CEO. 


The point is we are all human, we grow up physically and tend to forget we are meant to continue to learn and evolve throughout our lifetime. By approaching wellness through this lens, I help you create a work environment that is founded on growth and development for each individual~ working from the inside out.​


Through my professional career, I continue to assist programs/employees to better sustain themselves both personally and professionally to feel supported, seen, and recognize their own value. Working together by offering wellness supports them to find work life balance and establishes a cohesive workspace and creates a sustainable community for the long-term lasting results. 

I offer a variety of packages to meet your community’s needs, which are flexible and adaptable as we work together to build a cohesive environment.  Please view the packages and class topics/options below. 

"Above + Beyond Cancer expanded our programming offerings in 2021…April has a big heart and has reinforced that people can benefit from virtual practices.  Her style is approachable, warm, and inclusive.   Participants are enjoying the virtual program and how it relaxes their body and busy minds."

— Mary Van Heukelom, Program Director of Above + Beyond Cancer

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