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Wellness Programs Unique to Meet Your Communities Needs 

~ Working from the Inside Out~


Offering wellness classes provides the opportunity for each employee to discover more about themselves by learning new ways to manage stress through mindfulness & wellness practices.



These live virtual classes are exclusive to your community’s needs. Holding an “open forum” class style for discussion to progress is crucial when creating a sanctuary of support. This style helps to build a well-rounded wellness program where participants feel seen and heard.

The topics range from creating a safe space to “work” from, exploring self-care techniques and bring balance back through establishing work life boundaries, to understanding the body’s nervous system and how to regulate through the mind & body connection. With April’s holistic approach she invites participants to take a deeper dive into wellness ~ working from the inside out. 

Classes are meant to keep participants engaged and is highly recommended to plan programing on a weekly basis, unless otherwise discussed and agreed upon by both parties. Working together to build a sustainable community also requires to scheduled meetings between April and team leads or HR to discuss any adjustments to the programing/classes as needed.

Each class will include the following:

  • Open discussion, to class topic(s), may include outside resources & materials

  • Guided practice to introduce mind & body connection to help destress, relieve tensions,

  • Take away reflection material(s) for self-care 

  • Post-class support via Living With Intention group

  • Access to recorded topics through Living With Intention website membership 



To match your community's needs, a variety of packages are offered:

4 Week Program

Building Community Consciousness ~brings together groups/teams and offer guidance and support by creating sanctuary for a safe work environment, while developing emotional intelligence for each individual. This intensive weekly program can foster balance in work life boundaries and allow participants to recognize when they are in reactionary mindset and chose to apply mindfulness to be in a responsive and receptive state of mind. 


8 Week Program

Finding Balance with Work Life Boundaries ~ starts with the four-week program and continues by breaking down the dynamics of the mind & body connection and learning how to stabilize the central nervous system and utilizing self-care practices to “fill one’s cup”. Through this eight-week program, participants can start to recognize how thoughts can keep them in either a Surviving or Thriving mental and physical state and decide to shift their mental script to apply mindfulness methods so they can find balanced within themselves and in life.


12 Week Program

Working from the Inside Out ~ encapsulates the eight-week program and offers a deeper dive for the next four weeks for participants to recognize their own strengths, as well as appreciate all aspects of who they are. Which leads them into discovering how they are the ripple effect through interpersonal reflections. This twelve-week program intention is to walk them through their own internal landscape and learn how to give themselves permission to “let go to grow” as they learn how to flow with life.

Balancing Stones


Can fluctuate depending on the number of participants and duration of the class, therefore pricing may vary. To connect with me to discuss your communities needs and what options are best suited, please fill out the corporate application below.


I appreciate your interest and look forward to connecting soon!


Wellness classes are represented to support individuals/employee’s/communities to support emotional intelligence.  Classes are to provide as guidance for individual’s/employee’s/community’s own interests and are not intended to “treat” or provide any form of counseling. April Wyett/Living With Intention is not responsible for any participant’s behavior(s), mental health, or job retention while working within or outside of the classes.

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