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April Wyett

​April Wyett is a wellness advocate, passionate about assisting others on their healing journey. Now more than ever people are experiencing a disconnect and feel locked out, uncertain about themselves and the world. April created Living With Intention to guide you to explore different modalities of wellness, from mindfulness and the power of thought to understanding the mind-body connection, which allows you to connect to your Self, the deeper part of you to unlock your potential to living a happier and healthier life.

Working From the Inside Out

I started my journey because I wanted something more for myself, there was a thirst and a drive that I could not explain to learn more for expansion.  Since then I've done a lot of work for myself navigating through my internal landscape, the deeper parts that I had ignored or tucked away. In these spaces I discovered this is where the true treasure lies.  As the saying goes,  A healer can only heal as deep as they've healed themselves, I have learned  to forgive myself for past experiences I had no control over and come to appreciate the "darkness", which allows for the light to shine brighter. My journey is far from over as I am a student of life and learning and unlearning. I can say through my own spiritual practices and training, I now have a better understanding of how trauma affects the mind and body, and to meet others where they are without judgment. 


As I work with people from all walks of life, I  discovered that most of those who are seekers tend to hold a sense of disconnect. Some may think it's a disconnection to others but in reality, it is to themselves. I am here to offer support and guidance for your own holistic healing, through the different techniques and energy work I provide we will work together to bring you back to yourSelf to promote your mental, physical and emotional states of wellbeing. 


Feel free to connect with me to start your journey!


“My first virtual Reiki session with April immediately dispelled all reservations I had about online energy work. This virtual option opens up so many possibilities. I am grateful…April has played such an important role in my journey to recovery.”

— Clay R.

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